When I was young, my parents made the decision to move from our home country, Serbia, to the United States. The economic opportunities were limited in Serbia, especially in the early 2000s, and my parents wanted to provide my brother and I more options in our career choices. Having a front row view of my parents adjusting to a completely different economic system, and the struggles that inherently come with it, made me a firm believer that personal finances are something that no one should ever have to worry about.

Years later, I made the decision to study finance at The Ohio State University and was disappointed to learn that personal finance was an area of learning that is not offered at most universities as a required course, and yet, everyone needs to know how to manage their finances. Instead of making crucial financial decisions through trial and error, a trusted advisor can help you navigate these decisions with confidence.

What's your passion?

Northwestern Mutual offered me the opportunity to not only be that trusted advisor, but to do so with a company that genuinely abides by their mission statement: to provide financial security one relationship at a time. I made a choice to pursue a career in the financial services industry to be able to provide guidance, education, and focused solutions for individuals of any age, allowing them access to tools that would solve any range of financial concerns. My passion is to help people take step-by-step action towards achieving any goal that they have in life by helping them build financial security.

“The most powerful weapon on Earth is the human soul on fire.” – Ferdinand Foch

Nikolina Cuca

Nikolina Cuca, CFP®, ChFC®

Financial Advisor


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